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urethane foam

       Open Cell Foams (Polyurethanes)

Foam Type



2500 - Standard    Weight: 1.25 lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 36
Light or occasional use.  Ideal for cushions in the cabin or fish house.
5250 - High Density Weight: 1.8lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 34
Good foam for moderate use.  This foam is found in the cushions of most new furniture.
9500 - High Resiliency Weight: 2.7 lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 30
Better foam for moderate to regular everyday use.  This is a great value for a high quality foam.

9600 - High Resiliency Weight: 3.1lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 33

Best foam for heavy, everyday use.  This is the most durable, comfortable foam we sell.  Manufacturers rarely, if ever put this quality of foam in new furniture.
4900 -  Firm         Weight: 2.6lbs/Cu.Ft. Firmness # 90
Recommended for dining room seats, benches & office chairs.  This foam has a combination of high density and extra firmness making it ideal for low profile seating.
acoustic panel

        Specialty Foams

Foam Type



Memory Foam
Originally developed by NASA, memory foam is know for its pressure reducing benefits. Our 4lb memory foam provides more support and lasts longer than lower grade foams. It is commonly used as mattress toppers and pillows.
Industrial Foam
Commonly used for packaging.
Acoustic Paneling
Commonly used for sound proofing and noise control. Panels come 24" x 24" in 2, 3 and 4 inch diamond patterns. 2" Egg Crate foam 54 x 108 also available.


closed cell foam

     Closed Cell Foams

Foam Type



Strong, beaded polyethylene foam.
AB200 & AW200
Extruded polyethylene foam. (black or white)
Cross-linked polyethylene foam.

IV-1 (Neoprene)

Blended neoprene based foam rubber.
Polyester fiber.

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